kolędy dla dzieci polskie kolędy góralskie w prostych opracowaniachna fortepian dla dzieci piano nuty to juz pora na wigilie hej ponad regle gore gwiazda jezusowi

Kolędy tradycyjne, Polskie kolędy góralskie w prostych opracowaniach na fortepian

10,00 złThe price includes VAT

Very simple arrangements of 3 highland carols for piano. 

  • Glory be the star to Jesus
  • Hi ponad regle
  • It's already time for Christmas Eve

Sheet music for children, very easily arranged for piano, clear and simple. 
A student in the first grade of a music school can play sheet music. 

The study also includes the lyrics of Christmas carols. 

The sheet music will be sent to you electronically to your email address as a PDF file. Thanks to this, he will be able to print them when necessary.

If the sheet music is updated in the future, you will receive a link where you can download it.