powrócimy jak za dawnych lat podkład karaoke Manewry miłosne

Manewry miłosne, Powróćmy jak za dawnych lat

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Professional instrumental background (karaoke) for the song Let's go back to the old days

Tango from the film "Love Maneuvers" (Henryk Wars / Jerzy Jurandot) 1935

This song was performed by Krzysztof Krawczyk and Janusz Popławski

The backing track is unique because it was recorded on live instruments, so it will sound great during a performance at a competition, concert, dance or other occasion.


Key: E

Tempo: 125 BPM


After payment, you will receive the backing track as an mp3 file.

If the foundation is updated in the future, you will receive a link where you can download it.

Listen to a fragment here: